Volunteers to Help the Running of the Club

As we all know the club has grown extremely fast in recent years, and with success of England’s Women’s national team, will continue to expand at a rapid pace. A club is only as strong as the volunteers that help run it for the girls that would like to play football. Expansion brings new challenges and work to keep the club strong and healthy.

We therefore need volunteers to help in the running of the club, jobs that need covering range from coaches, administrators to committee members and everything in between.

We will be holding a meeting on Sunday 3rd September at 7pm at the clubhouse at Kilsby Lane, where people can find out what they can do to help us, even if you can only offer a few hours there will be something that needs doing. You might be surprised at the value you can offer the club and its members.

Come on down and get a view into the running of the club, and maybe you could be a help in some way, to ensure girls can enjoy football at our fantastic facility.