Young Leaders & Coaches Development at Rugby Town Girls FC

Over the last 6 months, Toni Wellings from the FA Coach Mentoring program has been working with Rugby Town Girls FC coaches to look at ways of helping the volunteers develop themselves for the benefit of the members.

A coaches evening is booked in for Sunday 22nd October 2017 & the program will provide a great value to the coaches going forward.

Next, Toni who is UEFA B qualified FA Coach Mentor for women & girls football, turned her attention to the young leaders of the club to benefit from her knowledge & begin to get a program in place to work with the group & explore the avenues of development for the group. Friday 5th October 2017 was the first of the get togethers for the young leaders with Toni and we look forward to the ideas from the meeting out on the pitch.

The support the young leaders and coaches have received has been very welcomed by all, as a club we are growing fast so it gets more difficult to help every area of the club and the welcome sight of Toni’s visits has put a fresh look on the coaching area of the club that will help all the coaches in their roles at the club.