Rugby Town Girls FC u11s v Beaumont Cats u11s

After a respectfully observed minutes silence, Rugby Town u11s were keen to start their first home game in a while with some determined play.

Kelsey was fired up throughout the game and combined with Tasha to provide well thought out play with clean and productive passes.

Ellie and Amy both had periods in goal.  They communicated well and directed. Isabella and Mia gave a solid defensive performance, limiting attacking play. Mia especially displayed excellent pressure on the opposition.

Hannah was again vital on the left wing, working hard with the defensive midfielder.  Ellie had an interesting period up front, allowing her to use her strength to her advantage.

Typically, Evie was all over the pitch in midfield, working hard wherever she was needed.  Amy and Evelina had a few strong periods in midfield which proved very useful to Rugby Town.

Coach’s Player of the match – Ellie