Redditch LFC 5 v 0 Rugby Town LFC

Rugby Town took on Redditch Ladies away on Sunday. It was always going to be a tough fixture with Redditch unbeaten so far this season and Rugby only able to field a team of 11 with no subs due to injury and unavailability. The ladies started the game very positively, playing some good football and competing well for each ball. Despite not creating many opportunities forward, they were containing the Redditch forwards well, ensuring that most threats were kept away from goal. The Rugby defence of Hannah Parker, Adele Rogers, Caitlin Revan and Kayleigh Oseman worked well forcing the ball out of play. The central midfielders of Kat Watkins and Andie Coupland battled hard in midfield winning many of the balls.

The ladies were unfortunate to concede three goals in the first half. The second half opened well, despite being down the ladies played with fight. Loren Bliss worked hard up front holding the ball up and winning most balls played forward. Kerri Young played a great ball in, that got laid off for Kelly Worthington to have a shot on goal. Despite not scoring, the kept going. With the ladies down to ten players through injury with 20 minutes to go, they had to pull together even more. Steph Bird did a great job, putting some great tackles in to stop the Redditch attack.

The ladies were unlucky to concede two quick goals towards the end having held them for so long in the second half and now gone down to 9 players due to another injury. Jason Morris, was proud of how the ladies played, showing a real passion in their play even when it was all against them. If the ladies can transfer this against some of the other teams in the league with a full squad they will be sure to keep picking up the points.

Jamesway Travel Player of the Match: Adele Rogers

Photos credited to Lelde Ozolina