Stourbridge LFC Vs Rugby Town LFC

Following the Christmas break, Rugby were back in action football over the weekend eager to pick up some more points in the league. Rugby took on Stourbridge Ladies away, a team that took the points earlier in the season.

Both teams struggled to get on the ball in the early stages of the game, with the poor playing surface making it difficult to play. Adele Rogers and Caitlin Revan formed a solid partnership and kept a tight line at the back keeping much of the Stourbridge play away from goal. The first half saw little opportunity in front of goal for Rugby other then a couple of good runs from Kerri Young and Kelly Worthington down the wings, and some pressure from Andie Coupland in midfield but nothing coming of it. 20 minutes in, Stourbridge broke down the left following some Rugby pressure. Leah managed to make a great first save but was unlucky when the second ball came back as she nearly managed to stop it again. 1-0 to the opposition. It was positive to see the addition of Chloe Debaes in midfield and the return of Katie Loydall on the pitch starting to make their impact in the game. The first half finished 1-0.

The ladies started to play some better football in the second keeping more of the ball. Following injury, Jen Johnston had to slip into the back four, doing a good job keeping the line. Kat Watkins immediately made an impact in the middle working hard to move the ball for Chloe. Andie Coupland worked tirelessly in midfield, stopping much of the Stourbridge play. From a corner, the ball was played into the box and Rugby won a penalty through a hand ball. Kelly Worthington made no mistake in finishing for 1-1. With all to play for, both teams piled on the pressure making a great game of end to end football, with both trying to get all points out of the game. The scores stayed level with both teams taking the point, a fair score for what was a closely contested match.

Just a mention on the young female referee for the match, a great demonstration that we need more of in the game, to keep progressing women’s football!

Jamesway Travel Player of the Match: Andie Coupland

Thank you to Lelde Ozolina for great photos