Greentowers FC Hinckley u11s v Rugby Town Girls u11s

Rugby Town have obviously been playing attention in training and delivered some of the best positional play seen in recent games. The first half of the game provided some excellent passing work as well as real effort on and off the ball.

Ella and Issy are a great partnership in defence and displayed great determination in their marking. Ellie A had a lot of work to do in a defensive midfield position, working across large areas of the pitch and providing some great throw ins. Amy and Evie really worked well in midfield and the team as a whole were using the width of the pitch in a much more positive manner. Kelsey had a quiet first 15 minute, but once the team were getting the ball to her, she worked hard to create space and offered great support to the midfield players . The second half proved more difficult and there were a small number of unsuccessful passes that allowed Greentowers to take advantage. Mia moved into defensive midfield, a new position for her, and performed very strongly indeed. Amy showed a fantastic work rate in defence and put in an excellent performance. Evie, running her legs off, and Hannah covered the wings very well and were kept very busy, with most of the action in the midfield.

Sophia was very strong in goal and made some very strong saves and communication with her defence was effective. Sophia struggle a little in a very boggy and slippy goal mouth, with the whole pitch being very heavy.

There was some good creative football displayed throughout the game by all the girls, notably some great turns by Kelsey and Ellie J. The confidence of the whole team is starting to grow.

Rugby Town had a number of corners that we didn’t use to best our best advantage and a post-game discussion was had as to how we should devote some training time to upskill the players in the handling of corners. We will also continue to focus on our passing to ensure confidence and accuracy in this area.

Overall, a very good display from Rugby Town Girls U11 and we look forward to training next Friday to consolidate our learning from today’s game.

Player of the match – Ellie J for great commitment during her first game for Rugby Town U11