Rugby Town Girls u10s v Leicester Ladies u10s

On a blustery day and a slippery pitch Rugby continued their good form against Leicester who unfortunately could only turn up with a bare squad of six players.
With Holly and Rosie out with the dreaded flu and Jasmine ⚽⚽ just about recovered, Rugby started off well with the wind behind them and they had Leicester on the back foot for most of the first half.

Katie ⚽ Marley and a tigerish Poppy kept a tight reign at the back but when Leicester did get through they found no way past Jenna who pulled off one particular superb stop for the home team.

The conditions were not ideal with the pitch becoming a quagmire but Rugby had the luxury of substitutes which allowed players to be switched on and off throughout the game to save their energy.

Lois, Lila ⚽ Jasmine and Madi all contributed as and when required with some great link play from midfield to Melissa ⚽⚽⚽ who’s speed and dribbling was a constant thorn in Leicester’s defence throughout the game.

The second half saw Leicester become more dominant with the wind in their favour but once again Jenna was in great form whenever the defence was breached. Understandably with a lack of substitutes and worsening pitch conditions, the Leicester girls began to tire. This enabled Rugby back into the game from which point they created and converted more goalmouth chances.

However, hats off to the Leicester girls who never gave up and ran themselves ragged to make it a great game of football.

Parents Player of the Match: Jenna 🏆
Coaches Player of the Match: Jenna (muddy marvelous) 🏆