Rugby Town Wildcats (U7s) – CVL Tournament 17th March 18

Rugby Town Wildcats hosted the second Central Venues League (CVL) tournament at a bitterly cold Kilsby Lane today.

SSE Wildcats Sponsor: Caring Help at Home Ltd and Brown and Cockerill Estate Agents

Wildcats Squad: Chloe, Beatrice, Holly, Emelia, Megan, Madison

WildKits Squad: Matilda, Annabelle, Demi, Summer, Jack

Young Leaders: Chloe, Molly, Hollie, Megan, Lauren

It was fantastic for Rugby to be able to field two teams, which shows how successful our Wildcats programme is. As well as the two Rugby teams, we were joined by teams from Cosby and Coalville with each team playing 3 games.

Rugby Town U7s Wildcats vs Coalville
Coalville were straight out of the blocks from kick off, catching Rugby on the hop and forcing Goalkeeper Megan into early action. Megan had a good game in goal, happy to throw herself round, and sometimes even catching the ball! Rugby then found their feet and their confidence started shining through.

Holly and Chloe formed a good early partnership with plenty of passing between the two of them. Both were keen to push forward and used every opportunity to get the ball forward. Emelia was working hard ensuring Coalville did not keep possession for too long. Emilia is another player who relishes the chance of a tackle.

Beatrice was very confident in defence, never afraid to put a tackle in, and was equally happy romping up the wing with then ball. Madison was full of energy and was pretty much in the thick of the action the entire game.

Rugby Town U7s Wildkits vs Cosby
By all accounts a very strong performance by the “Kits”. Matilda and Summer teamed up which provided several positive runs of play for Rugby.

Demi and Annabelle displayed some very effective and confident defence and Jack was again solid as a goal keeper. The parents who watch this game were full of praise for the players, several of whom were playing in their first proper game!

Rugby Town U7 Wildcats vs Rugby Town U7s Wildkits
“Clash of the Titans” or “Rumble in the Jungle” or just “Cats and Kits” ! The two Rugby teams came together, neither wanting to give an inch against the training mates. Loyalties were left at the touchline…and…ok, I’m getting carried away!

The Cats had their work cut out ensuring Matilda and Summer didn’t get any space and they were both very confident on the ball and would punish any lapses in concentration with quick runs up field.

Megan started on the pitch for this game and had 3 very confident and positive runs up field with strong finishes, testing Holly (borrowed from the Cats – Thanks Holly!) in goal several times. Holly made some great saves and threw in a couple of impressive dives for good measure!

Chloe in goal for the Cats gave a confident performance, with good goal kicks finding her players as needed. Again, Beatrice and Madison teamed up with plenty of team work being displayed. Emelia combining with Beatrice and Madison in some nice combination play.

The Kits were working hard to contain the Cats and the biting wind was starting to slow down some of the players, who really were doing very well in some quite unpleasant conditions. Demi and Annabelle working hard putting in lots of effort.

Rugby Town U7 Wildcats Vs Cosby
Rugby was up against a physically bigger team but were not daunted and still seemed to have lots of energy.

Chloe was strong in goal again, making some good clearances. A couple of the players were showing some nice skills, with turns and drag backs on display.

Considering the muddy pitch, the confidence of the players to try using football skills was great to see as a spectator.

The second half came around with some tired legs and cold bodies, and, having lost the feeling in my fingers, no more notes being taken.

Overall, a fine display of football from both Rugby Teams. The fair play they display is heart warming, the effort and determination is impressive and the delight in watching these young players, playing and enjoying footballs is a pleasure for the spectators.

We look forward to hearing where and when we will be playing the next CVL in April.

Thanks yous:
To all the young leaders for all of your hard work you put in coaching the Wildcats team. The players clearly love their football and a large part of that is down to the relationships you are building with the girls.

To Lauren and Molly for refereeing the games

To the parents and supporters, for bringing the players to the tournament and braving the truly frigid conditions

To Colin and Jason for organising the games and encourage their players on their football journeys.

I didn’t catch all the games, and having lost my fingers to frostbite and dealing with moderate hypothermia, my notes and recollection after about 30 mins, are lacklustre at best. My apologies if I have missed any noteworthy action in the write up. Rest assured, all of the players were awesome and a joy to watch!