Inaugural Mums session

On Friday 6th July, Rugby Town Girls and Ladies FC ran their inaugural Mums session at Kilsby Lane.

The first ladies to turn out did so with a real passion to learn and have a go.

On a hot night on the astro, they were gently eased into the session with warm up and stretching. Then some passing and receiving practice over short and medium distances. The ladies showed good progress here and were keen to learn more.
Working on simple basics, there then followed some control and dribbling skills. The novice Mums really worked hard on learning to move with the ball at their feet and moving in between cones.

After a well-earned refreshments break the Mums then split into 2 teams to have a go at game play. There were some excellent goals, taken with gusto, together with some excellent blocks and good passing and movement seen through the sides from back to front. The competitive spirits started to come to the fore but the Mums encouraged each other and worked very well considering they had never been on a pitch together.
All agreed at the end they enjoyed the hour long session which was a mixture of fitness, skills and game play.

Mums leader Emma was delighted with their approach and energy to the session and looks forwards to welcoming the ladies back for the next session and any new comers who would like to come and give it a go!

If interested please contact