AFC Market Bosworth u8s v Rugby Town Girls u8s Wildcats

AFC Market Bosworth U8 Junior Roses vs Rugby Town Girls U8 Wildcats – Sunday 23rd September

Rugby Town Squad: Freya, Holly, Chloe, Megan, Anna, Matilda

Firstly I need to say how proud I am of the U8s team this weekend. What an amazing performance by all of the girls. Their determination and skill is really starting to show and their confidence is growing. We even got compliments from the other team’s parents about how well they played as a team.

We had a slightly wet 10 am kick off. Rugby Town seemed more determined today and all took their positions, which they held well for most of the game.

Megan was in goal for the first half, with Hollie and Anna in defence. Freya and Chloe took their positions and it seemed that every time the ball went to either of their feets they got straight into a run for the goal, sometimes with 3 players trying to stop them.

The defence held firm with Holly keeping her eye fixed on the ball and clearing it well and Anna taking up more of a midfield position today. Matilda took charge of the throw ins once she came onto the pitch which allowed Chloe and Freya more chances to run for the goal.

For the second half, Matilda took her place in goal after strict instructions from Megan to keep it empty and for the other team players to not let the ball anywhere near Matilda.

The girls listened, but when it did get near to Matilda she confidently kept it away from the net. A few more good runs by the self-nominated strikers Chloe and Freya, but not to be outdone and making sure she left the field with some of the glory Megan made a narrow miss with the ball coming to rest just millimetres from the goal line. She made up for it later in the match though.

Anna once again swept the ball away in the midfield and Holly both held her position at the back which definitely contributed to this confidence boosting match. There was so much action for a game filled with small girls on a small pitch.

Thank you to the parents for bringing the players over to the game and the fantastic support and to Claire for letting me be her right hand woman.

Player of the match – for running swiftly towards the opposition’s goal with the ball, being knocked down and getting right back up again – Chloe

Apologies to Paul for the war and peace, but it was a great game and everyone should know just how fab these 6 girls are.