Cold Weather Welfare Update

    As we head towards Autumn and Winter once again, especially with the ❄️Arctic❄️ air blowing in from Friday and over the whole weekend with a huge drop in temperatures, its a timely reminder just to remember just how cold it gets down at ‘The Lane’.

    Most parents will have spent a Winter down there, some parents of the older girls will have spent many a Winter there, they are the ones with weathered faces, wrinkles carved from horizontal rain and howling gales 😜, hunkering down in close groups trying to keep each other warm! So, without wanting to put some of our newer girls and parents off, especially those in the Wildcats section who won’t have been when its really cold, please dress appropriately for the cold weather, both of you.

    Dress your girls in lots of thin layers rather than a couple of large ones to keep the heat in. Skins/Base layers (tops and bottoms) are great with a couple of thin t-shirts over the top & a fleece jacket/hoodie etc to keep their cores warm. They will also need their rain coats. An extra pair of thin socks under their footy socks will help keep their feet warmer.

    A fleece or woolly hat for their heads, a snood for their necks & a pair of gloves because once those hands are freezing cold its really hard to get them warm again!

    My old mum used to shout to me as I ran off to training and matches: “You can always take some off if you get too hot, but if you don’t have it to put on when you’re cold, you’ll stay cold”, not a truer word spoken.

    Please continue to bring a drinks bottle with them, water is best or a weak cordial.

    So, check the weather forecasts before attending training & matches to ensure your girls are dressed appropriately for the conditions (e.g. rainwear, extra layers for cold weather) and stay warm everyone 👍🏻