Rugby Town Ladies FC 10 v 1 Coventry City Ladies

This week the Rugby Town Ladies sponsored by Jamesway Travel returned to action in the league against Coventry City Ladies.

The first half started off evenly with both teams having opportunities in front of goal. Chev Steel was first to finish for 1-0 taking a long range shot from outside of the box.

Very quickly, Rugby were 3-0 up through very well taken goals from Kat Watkins and Andie Coupland.

A lapse in play saw Coventry bring the score back to 3-1. The first half ended this way. The second half saw Rugby get hit with injury with two players coming off.

Despite the set back, this made Rugby work hard and pull together to get the result they needed.

Goals came from Chev Steel, Andie Coupland (4), Kat Watkins (3), Chloe Debaes and Loren Bliss to make it 10-1 to Rugby Town.

Photography Credit: Lelde Ozolina