Rugby Town Ladies 7 – 1 Coventrian Ladies

This weekend the ladies played Coventrian Ladies in the County Cup at Kilsby Lane.
Once the ladies started to move the ball around, the opportunities began to come through Bobbie Baker, Megan Board and Andie Coupland up front.
Centre back Chloe Debaes was able to get on the end of a lose ball to score in the first half.
Abbie Hartfield did a good job of controlling the space in the middle moving it for Loren Bliss and Miranda on the right. The first half finished 3-0 to Rugby.
The second half saw Rugby start a little shaky, struggling to stop the misplayed passes. As things calmed down, Rugby were able to play from the back through Leah Morris in goal out to Kelly Worthington.
More goals came with players supporting each other up the field and some good creative play leading to good opportunties.
The score finished 7-1, had the ladies been a little more clinical in front of goal the score could have been a lot more as play was largely dominated by Rugby. The ladies showed good character remaining calm to move into the next round of the cup.
Photography credit: Lelde Ozolina